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Our Solution encompasses Factory & Process Automation and Product distribution raging from Point-Of-Sales, Intelligent Logistics, Industrial PC to specialized automation control.

Industrial and embedded PCs can protect any computer, monitor, printer, or other electrical devices from a wide range of dangers. Workplaces, offices, public spaces, police stations, food preparation facilities, hospitals, and schools all use industrial PCs such as the Advantech industrial PCs. Their IP rating or NEMA code may protect them from specific factors like water or dust. We also have several factory automation systems to ensure seamless production. We are a trusted supplier of Omron’s Automation Component Malaysia that increases the efficiency of industries, especially the manufacturing industry


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Xyreon’s industrial PC also offers the latest fanless and fanned chassis design, as well as cooling technology. Our fanless embedded pc is designed for use in the most demanding Industrial IoT and edge computing scenarios available today. Our embedded PC in Malaysia is designed to reduce downtime and ensure smooth operation with the help of brands such as ASROCK Industrial PC motherboard. More and more organizations in Malaysia and around the world are looking into touch screen tablets, monitors like the Winsonic Touch Monitor to increase their operation efficiency, customer experience, and revenue.

We also supply UPS systems such as the Right Power UPS Malaysia that safeguards
hardware, prevents data loss, and promotes user productivity. It also addresses voltage concerns such as blackouts, brownouts, noise, spikes, and power surges.


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AI driven KIOSK systems have become crucial to numerous business applications, improving efficiency, security and customer service in a diverse range of industries. The interactive kiosk industry has long been at the forefront of technology and is also leveraging the benefits of AI.

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in every direction

Self-Service KIOSK solutions are interactive kiosks that provide audiences with engaging digital content and information through a user friendly interface developed by XYREON. We deliver the most modern, cost-effective Self Service KIOSK on the market in Malaysia. A hospital self check-in KIOSK is used in the healthcare industry to help with patient check-in, tracking patient health records, and in certain cases, payment transactions. Customers or patients would no longer have to queue for long with the hotel or hospital KIOSK System Malaysia at the reception. These self-check-in, ticketing and self-payment kiosk systems allow users to make reservations and payments without or with minimal human resources and training. Convenience and speed are key factors in the entertainment or F&B sectors. KIOSK is also able to connect to the server and can function as digital signage when not in use. Fast food and other eateries use self-ordering KIOSK in Malaysia to allow customers to order and pay for meals. Our KIOSK content is completely customizable and can be easily updated from a remote location. We are also working along with Patlite Signal Tower Malaysia to provide workplace safety, security, and comfort.





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