Entertainment Kiosks

XYREON’s self-service entertainment kiosks have many functions that can be beneficial to the entertainment industry. Some functions include ticketing kiosk, check in and out receptionist, managing membership services and point redemption, 24/7 availability, as well as digital signage for important information and promotions. The benefits of these services include increased efficiency, sales, and accuracy, enhanced customer experience and data collection.


Kiosks can perform multiple functions, from visitor and queue management, cashless payment, information provider, and 3D directory to being a digital signage monitor. Additionally, streamlining transactions and automating administrative tasks allows employees to carry out higher-value tasks.

Increased REVENUE

Entertainment kiosks can increase revenue by increasing efficiency and reducing labour costs. Firstly, the automation of services increases efficiency which increases transaction frequency. Additionally, kiosks require less manual labour and employee-customer interaction.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Self-service entertainment kiosks provide service options for customers. Also, businesses are able to customise the interactive experience for their customers depending on the attraction or entertainment theme. Besides that, employees have more time to focus on individual customers to alleviate their experience and improve satisfaction.

Popular Uses for Entertainment Kiosk

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