Manufacturing Kiosks

Manufacturing kiosks can be designed to take on a multitude of tasks. Whether it’s for employee and visitor check-in, items validations, way finding, or information center, they are a highly effective way to remove some of the administrative burden from employees and promote efficiency. They can also be used to improve visitors’ experience whether they are present for a meeting or a job interview, they can use kiosk to get all the information they need.


With user friendly and easy to use program, our kiosk allows valuable personnel to focus on their skilled work.


Promote information, events, offerings and happenings by displaying interactive information.


Improve experience by providing up-to-date information about the area.

Wondering which kind of

KIOSK suit your business?

XYREON is a fully integrated Self-Service KIOSK manufacturer, providing KIOSK design, manufacturing and Software Solutions. We are equipped with the utmost knowledge on the latest technology, which enables us to offer excellent solutions to fulfill the requirements of our customers

**Due to the strict NDA with our clients, we are not able to showcase all of our KIOSK design, please send us your enquiry.

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