Hospitality Kiosks

XYREON’s hospitality self-service kiosks are interactive computer terminals that allow guests to perform tasks and transactions with minimal employee assistance. Hospitality self-service kiosks are typically found in hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. These kiosks provide a convenient and efficient way for guests to access information, make reservations and complete transactions at their own leisure. Hospitality self-service kiosks offer a range of services including room check-in, food ordering and loyalty program enrollment. They can also provide guests with access to information about local attractions, events and transportation options.

The use of hospitality self-service kiosks provides numerous benefits to the industry, including improved guest satisfaction, increased revenue, and reduced labour costs. By providing guests with a self-service option, hospitality businesses can reduce wait times, minimise errors, and enhance the overall guest experience. They can also increase revenue by offering guests additional services and upsell opportunities. Additionally, these kiosks can help to reduce labour costs by streamlining operations and reducing staffing requirements.

Overall, hospitality self-service kiosks offer a range of benefits to both guests and businesses, and are an essential component of the evolving hospitality industry.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Hospitality self-service kiosks can provide a more streamlined and personalised guest experience. By reducing wait times, offering personalised recommendations and providing visually appealing interfaces, kiosks can increase guest satisfaction.


By automating and speeding up transactions with our cashless payment, digital receptionist and self-check in kiosks, there is an increase in efficiency which reduces cost and increases revenue.

Improved Data Collection

Kiosks can improve data collection by providing businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences, transaction history and operational efficiency. By collecting and analysing the data, businesses can make informed decisions that deliver better services to guests.

Popular Usage of Kiosk for Hospitality

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