Industrial PC & Automation Component

Our Solution encompasses Factory & Process Automation and Product distribution raging from Point-Of-Sales, Intelligent Logistics, Industrial PCs to specialized automation control.

Xyreon’s industrial PC also offers the latest fanless and fanned chassis design, as well as cooling technology. Our fanless embedded PC is designed for use in the most demanding Industrial IoT and edge computing scenarios available today. Our embedded PC in Malaysia is designed to reduce downtime and ensure smooth operation.

We also have several factory automation systems to ensure seamless production. We are a trusted supplier of Omron’s Automation Component Malaysia that increases the efficiency of industries, especially the manufacturing industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial PC

An industrial PC able to handle heavy workloads that are often in complex instructions. Industrial PCs have higher dependability to perform under unfriendly environments.

  • Performance Identify what types of computer components that are required in your industry to get your performance at the optimal stage. Requirements that needed to be considered are CPUs, RAMs (at least 25% more than required), and Motherboards.
  • Working Environment Depending on the location that stores the industrial PC, you will have to consider room/weather conditions and the external environment of the surroundings. Then select the best components that best suit the harsh environment of the location.
  • Application & Operating System This is highly based on the industry you are in. Depending on that,  select applications and operating systems that are compatible with your production process. 
  • Storage and Memory Consider the size that you need and estimate the forthcoming size required for your industrial application size, and the types of storage hardwares(HDD/SSD) required for your industrial PC. 

Industrial computers are built with components that can withstand extreme temperatures. Unlike regular PCs, it is fanless and it can operate from the temperature range between -40°C to 85°C. Industrial fanless PCs.

An automation system is a device or technology that can operate by itself in producing goods and services without the intervention of humans. Automation components can be defined as elements/parts of a device that combine with other components with applications installed to perform an encoded task.

Automation Components

Industries are considering automation to increase the efficiency on repetitive tasks, it enables operation to process faster while minimising errors and breaks. Overall, automation helps you to take a step ahead against competitors that are still using the traditional method and keep up with competitors who have already adapted to new technology.

Automation will not make your employee obsolete, both employees and automation have to work correlated. Most industries apply automation to execute repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently, while certain tasks still require employees to perform for its production to get it done. Besides, employees are the people who are monitoring and optimising the usage of automation.

The main items that required for automation system:

  • Industrial PC
  • Control Components
  • Networks
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Safety components
  • Power Supplies
  • Digital/Analog IO
  • Communication System 
  • Human Machine Interface
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