NJ/CJ-series CompoNet Master Units Increase the Range of Applicability of Sensors and Actuators.
The NJ/CJ-series CompoNet Master Unit manages the CompoNet network, controls communications between the Controller and Slave Units, and handles I/O data and message data.

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  • Setup is simple. Make the master’s mode settings and set the baud rate, and you’re ready to go.
  • Control up to 2,560 points and 384 nodes with one Master Unit.
  • Intuitive memory mapping with separate areas for Word Slave Units and Bit Slave Units.
  • Seven-segment display helps with startup and enables prompt detection of problems.
  • Collect information from Slave Units using message communications, or use message communications to set parameters.
  • Inherits the ease of use of the CompoBus/S.
  • Flexible I/O allocations with software setting function.

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