A Wide Range of Basic Output Units for High Speed Output
and Different Applications
These Output Units receive the results of output instructions from the CPU Unit and perform ON/OFF control for external devices.
High-speed Output models CJ1W-OD213 and CJ1W-OD234 can help to increase system throughput.

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  • High-speed output models are available, meeting versatile applications. ON Response Time: 15μs, OFF Response Time: 80μs
  • Output Units are available with any of three output types: relay contact outputs, triac outputs, or transistor outputs.
  • For transistor outputs, select from sinking outputs or sourcing outputs.
  • Output Units with load short-circuit protection are also available. *1
  • Select the best interface for each application: Fujitsu connectors or MIL connectors. *2
  • A wide variety of Connector-Terminal Block Conversion Units are available to allow you to easily wire external output devices.
    *1. The following Units have load short-circuit protection: CJ1W-OC202, CJ1W-OD204, CJ1W-OD212, and CJ1W-OD232.
    *2. Available for models with 32 outputs or 64 outputs

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