OMRON NX-EC0[][][]

NX Units for fast and precise positioning control
Incremental Encoder Input Unit (NX-EC0). More precise timing control by synchronizing the position data with the EtherCATDistributed Clock. SSI Input Unit (NX-ECS). Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) to connect external axes to the Sysmac system. Pulse Output Unit (NX-PG0). Positioning control with pulse outputs to command stepper motor drives and other pulse input motor drives

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  • Open collector output type and line driver output type Incremental Encoders can be connected
  • High-speed remote I/O control with communications cycle as fast as 125 μs*1
  • Free-run refreshing, synchronous I/O refreshing, or task period prioritized refreshing*2 with the NX1P2 CPU Unit or EtherCAT Coupler Unit
  • The MC Function Modules of the NJ/NX/NY5 Controllers allows the encoder to be used as a motion axis
  • Latching (1 internal signal and 2 input signals from external devices)
  • Pulse Period Measurement
  • 32 bit counters (80000000 to 7FFFFFFF HEX)
  • Maximum counting rate: 4 MHz (Line receiver: 4 MHz, Open collector: 500 kHz)
  • Time Stamping
  • Maximum and minimum counter value setting
  • Connect to the CJ PLC using the EtherNet/IPTM bus coupler

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