IO-Link makes sensor level information visible and solves the three major issues
at manufacturing sites!
The unit for M12 Smartclick connector can be used in watery, and dusty environments.
• Downtime can be reduced.
Notifies you of faulty parts and such phenomena in the Sensor in real time.
• The frequency of sudden failure can be decreased.
Condition monitoring of sensors and equipment to prevent troubles.
• The efficiency of changeover can be improved.
The batch check for individual sensor IDs significantly decreases commissioning time.

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The host controller can cyclically read control signals, status *1, wiring, and power supply status of IO-Link sensors. Because an IO-Link System can cyclically read analog data such as the amount of incident light in addition to ON/OFF information, it can be used for predictive maintenance
based on detection of such things as decreases in the amount of light.
User-specified data in IO-Link devices can be read and written from the host controller when necessary.
Digital signals can be input rapidly from IO-Link sensors *2 during IO-Link communications.
IO-Link sensors can be combined with non-IO-Link sensors.
Incorrect connections of IO-Link sensors can be checked when IO-Link communications start.
Backup and restoration of IO-Link device parameters make replacement of IO-Link sensors easier.
IO-Link sensors can be easily replaced with non-IO-Link sensors without changing the data address settings. *3
Sensors can report their errors to the master, which facilitates locating errors from the host.
The total number of retries in cyclic communications can be recorded. You can use this value to check for the influences of noise and other problems.
(When EtherCAT is used as the host communication interface)
Up to eight sensors can be connected. IP67 protection.

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