High-speed, high-precision motion controller plus PC – in one box
The IPC Programmable Multi-Axes Controller offers exceptionally precise motion control, with proven technology from Omron’s Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. It was developed to help manufacturers boost both their productivity and their manufacturing quality, delivering worldbeating∗ 1 output speeds allied to exception precision. It comes equipped with Windows realtime operating systems which, combined with powerful control capability, provides great flexibility.

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High-speed multi-axis control

  • Up to 128 axes of control
  • Motion control period: 250 μs/16 axes *2



  • Flexible function development capability (G-Code/ANSI C/original programming language)
  • EtherCAT for flexible system configuration



  • Multi-tasking of Motion Control and Windows/Linux applications
  • Hypervisor allows to continue to control even if OS crashes

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