Introducing the New EtherNet/IP Unit. More Than 180,000 Words of Tag Data Link Capacity!

  • EtherNet/IP is an industrial multivendor network that uses Ethernet. Managed by the ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association), it has open standards and is used with a wide range of industrial devices.
  • The EtherNet/IP Unit supports tag data links to enable sharing data between devices at Ethernet nodes and a message service for sending and receiving data when required.
  • The EtherNet/IP Unit supports the same FINS/UDP and FINS/TCP functionality as Ethernet Units.
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  • Large-capacity tag data links are easily enabled by simply setting connections, with no programming required.
  • Tag data links can be used to exchange data with up to 256 nodes over up to 256 connections.
  • Up to 256 connections can be set per Unit with up to 722 words of data per connection, for a total of up to 184,832 words of link data. (There is no limit to the data link capacity for the overall network.)
  • Data concurrency is maintained within each connection (for up to 722 words).
  • Tag data link settings can be changed for individual Units even while tag data links are being used on a network.
  • Errors can be diagnosed using the Network Configurator, and system errors can be monitored with a wide array of status flags.

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