Monitoring/Setting Support Software for General-purpose temperature adjustment controller Temperature Controllers Enabling Faster Parameter Setup, Device Adjustment, and Maintenance

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  • Enables editing and batch-downloading parameters from a personal computer, reducing the work required to set parameters. Usability is improved with table-formatted parameter editing from version. 4.0.
  • Supports Trend Monitoring:
    Easily monitor the data from up to 31 Controllers, including PVs, SPs, MVs, PID parameters, and alarm ON/OFF status.
  • Supports parameter masks to hide parameters unnecessary to display. (Supported only by the E5[]N-H/[]N-HT, E5[]R/[]R-T, E5[]C/[]C-B/[]C-U/[]C-T and E5[]D/[]D-B).
  • Logic operations enable setting inputs from external inputs (event inputs) or temperature status, outputs to external outputs (control or auxiliary outputs), and changing operating status with ON/OFF delays.
    (Supported only by the E5[]N-H/[]N-HT, E5[]C/[]C-B/[]C-U/[]C-T and E5[]D/[]D-B).
  • Easy adjustment of control performance by fine-tuning

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