New Controller Link Units, Now with 4,000 Send Words

  • The Controller Link is an FA network that can send and receive large amounts of data easily and at high speed. The Controller Link supports data links that enable sharing data between PLCs and computers and a message service that enables sending and receiving data whenever required.
  • Systems can be flexibly built by using Repeater Units to enable T-branches, long-distance wiring, and converting part of the network to optical cable.
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  • Large-capacity data links are easily achieved without programming simply by setting data link tables.
  • Up to 20,000 *1 send/receive words can be set per node for Units (up to 62,000 words for Boards).
  • Data links can be performed with up to 4,000 *2 words per node while ensuring data concurrency.
  • User-set data link tables can be changed while data links are operating. *3
  • Errors for the entire system can be monitored by using error diagnosis support software and a variety of status flags.
    *1. Supported for unit version 1.2 or later.
    *2. CJ1W-CLK23 and 3G8F7-CLK[]3 are supported.
    *3. Supported for CJ1W-CLK23, 3G8F7-CLK[]3, and models ending with “-V1”.

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