For Various Analog I/Os

  • Analog Input Units for converting analog input signals into binary data
  • Analog Output Units for converting binary data into analog output signals
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Analog Input Unit:

  • Holds a maximum of 16 analog input signals in 1 unit.
  • Reduces wiring using MIL connector (CS1W-AD161)
  • Connector-Terminal Block Conversion Unit and Connecting Cable available for CS1W-AD161
  • With functions including line disconnection detection, peak value holding, as well as mean value processing
  • Scaling function (CS1W-AD161 only)

Analog Output Unit:

  • Outputs a maximum of 8 analog output signals in 1 unit.
  • Output hold function

Analog I/O Unit:

  • Has both analog input and output signals
  • Ratio conversion function stores the results of positive and negative gradient analog inputs calculated for ratio and bias as analog output values
  • Hold a maximum of 4 analog input signals and outputs 4 analog output signals in 1 unit
  • Analog Input functions – Peak value holding, mean value processing and line disconnection detection
  • Analog Output functions – Output hold function

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