Ultra-compact Timer Provides Advanced Functions and Security Settings.

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Basic Features

  • Short body with depth of only 59 mm (for 24-VAC / 12 to 24-VDC Models with Screw Terminals). *1
  • Character height of 12 mm for better readability (on models with 4 digits).
  • The present value display characters can be switched between red, green, and orange. *2

Safety and Reliability

  • Power supply circuit and input circuits are isolated for safety and reliability. *3
  • New set value limit and output counter functions have been added. *4

Other Features

  • Front Panel can be changed to white or light gray. *5
  • Models with instantaneous contact output added to the series.
    *1. For 100 to 240 VAC Models with Screw Terminals 78 mm, Models with Sockets: 63.7 mm (case dimension).
    *2. The H5CX-A11, H5CX-L8 and H5CX-B Timers have only red characters.
    *3. Specifications: 100 to 240 VAC
    *4. The value of the output counter can only be monitored. It cannot be reset.
    *5. Replacement Front Panels sold separately

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