OMRON PYF-[][]-PU / PTF-[][]-PU / P2RF-[][]-PU

Sockets with Push-In Plus technology to Save Work Added to Series for MY, LY and G2R-S Relays

  • Sockets with Push-In Plus technology are used to save wiring work in comparison with traditional screw terminals.
    (Wiring time is reduced by 60%
    * in comparison with traditional screw terminals.)
  • No screw loosening means maintenance-free application.
  • Light insertion force and strong pull-out strength to achieve both less wiring work and high reliability.
  • ‘Hand-free’ structure that holds an inserted screwdriver to achieve easier wiring work for stranded wires.
  • Two wires can be independently inserted into each terminal hole.
  • DIN Track mounting or screw mounting.
    * According to OMRON actual measurement data from November 2015
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  • Coil terminals and contact terminals are completely separated in an organized wiring layout.
  • A Release Lever is provided as a standard feature. (except -L models)
  • DIN terminal numbers are indicated.
  • The double fixture rail with DIN hook tabs attached to the top and bottom lets you mount the Socket from either the top or bottom.
  • One-touch Installation onto DIN-track.
  • Front-in short bar enables easy installation without interference in duct when wiring.
  • Please refer short bar correspondence table in page 9 for further information of short bar.
  • There are screw mounting holes in the DIN hooks on the PYF-[][]-PU, PTF-[][]-PU and P2RF-[][]-PU. Pull out the DIN hook tabs to mount the Sockets with screws

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