A New-concept SSR with Built-in Current Transformer.
Heater Burnout and SSR Shortcircuit Failure Detection

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  • Built-in Current Transformer (CT) helps reduce wiring steps.
  • Detects the burnout of any one of a group of heaters.
  • Detects the burnout of 3-phase heaters.
  • Detects SSR short-circuit failures.
  • Error detection level can be easily set with a switch.
  • Mounts to a DIN track or with screws.
  • Three types of input terminals available: M3 terminals, screwless clamp terminals¬† (detachable), or compact slotted screw terminals (detachable).
  • Certified for CSA and EN (T√úV).
  • The G3PF-2[][]B-[][][] Series is UL certified.

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