16-point I/O Terminal Socket accepts Various Devices such as G2R Relays, Solid State Relays, and Timers for More System Flexibility.

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  • Connects to a PLC with a simple snap-in connector.
  • The G70A-ZOC16-3 cab be combined with a DRT1-OD32ML I/O Terminal for DeviceNet connectivity or an SRT2-VOD16ML Connector Terminal for CompoBus/S connectivity.
  • SPDT relays can be mounted.
  • Conforms to VDE (VDE0106) and CE standards.
  • Electric-shock preventive (finger-touch protection) terminal socket.
  • DIN rail mountable.
  • High-capacity (10 A) terminal socket.
  • Excellent noise resistance characteristics.
  • Built-in diodes for coil surge suppression.

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