Best-selling, general-purpose relays that can be selected based on operating environment and application

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  • In addition to our standard type (MY), an abundant lineup of models including latching relays that retain contact operation status (MYK) and sealed relays suitable for environments where dust and corrosive gases are present (MYQ/MYH) are also available.
  • Selection is possible to suit the application, such as models with operation indicators and models with latching levers (MY plug-in terminals).
  • Wiring work can be shortened by as much as 60%* compared to conventional screw terminal sockets by combining with push-in plus terminal sockets (PYF-@-PU) that feature light insertion force and strong pull-out strength to achieve less wiring work.

* When both push-in plus terminals and screw terminal sockets are combined with plug-in terminal types (according to actual OMRON measurements as of November 2015)

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