OMRON E32 Series

Fiber Sensors

OMRON’s Fiber Sensors continue to support an increasing range of applications.

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Standard Installation.

  • Threaded Models.
  • Cylindrical Models.


Saving Space.

  • Flat Models.
  • Sleeve Models (Close-range Detection).


Beam Improvements.

  • Small-Spot, Reflective (Minute Object Detection).
  • High-power Beam (Long-distance Installation, Dust-resistant).
  • Narrow View (Detection Across clearance).
  • Detection without Background Interference.


Transparent Object Detection.

  • Retro-reflective.
  • Limited-reflective (Glass Detection).


Environmental Immunity.

  • Chemical-resistant, Oil-resistant.
  • Bending-resistant, Disconnection-resistant.
  • Heat-resistant.


Special Applications.

  • Area Beam (Area Detection).
  • Liquid-level Detection.
  • Vacuum-resistant.
  • FPD, Semiconductors, and Solar Cells (Limited-reflective).
  • FPD, Semiconductors, and Solar Cells (Through-beam).

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