Color Fiber Amplifier Unit

Smart Fiber Amplifier Units with White LEDs. High Color Discrimination Capability with the Same Easy Operation as Previous Fiber Amplifier Units. Existing General-purpose Fiber Units Can Be Connected.

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Light Is Received over a Wide Range: Enough Even for Glossy Packaging.
No Saturation Even with 99% Reflective Optical Mirrors High Dynamic Range (Wide Incident Light Range).

  • The optimal light intensity—with just two button presses.


Provides a High S/N Ratio to Detect Subtle Color Differences.
Identifies Even Minor Color Differences High S/N Ratio System Design.

  • Three N-Smart Technologies Work Together to Obtain a High S/N Ratio


Visualization of Variation in Colors Printed on Packaging Makes Troubleshooting Easier.
Visualization of Color Variation RGB Data Transmission Function.

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