IoT Pressure Sensors

Detect Signs of Abnormalities in Cooling Water and Hydraulic Oil by Simultaneous Measurement of “Pressure + Temperature”

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  • Prevents sudden stops and molding defects due to cooling abnormalities.
  • Multi-sensing technology.
  • Welding machine – You can detect signs even before welding tip deformation or sudden stops occur.
  • Molding machine – You can detect signs of cooling performance degradation even before occurrence of molding defects.
  • Notifications of changes in the cooling water or hydraulic oil states are easy to understand.
  • You can see the cause of the abnormality Multi-sensing display [Patent pending].
  • You can also see the sensor status Self-diagnostic outputs.
  • Easy to see High luminosity LED display.
  • Easy to understand Display by unit.
  • Adjust the angle according to the mounting position.
  • Easy to use in various location.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Direct setting.
  • Highly durable liquid contact part.
  • Batch setting from host devices.
  • Easy-to-clean structure.
  • Expanded cable and adapter lineups (sold separately)*

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