Industrial Cameras

Those cameras make the conventional systems simpler, faster and more flexible. Also they make it easy to assist the visual inspection to capture enlarged images without PC.

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Make It Faster, Make It Simpler.

  • GigE Vision Small CMOS Camera M Series
  • GigE Vision Small CMOS Camera S Series
  • USB3.0 Series
  • USB3.0 Remote Head Camera
  • CoaxPress
  • Opt-C:Link
  • CameraLink CMOS
  • 4K HDMI Camera
  • HD High-Definition Camera
  • HD-SDI HD Camera
  • Analog Progressive Camera Series
  • TV Format Color Camera S133N-B Series
  • Small Board Camera STC-S133 Series
  • Line Scanning Camera CameraLink
  • Accessory ,Cable, others
  • Accessory Fixed Focus Lens
  • USB 3.0 4ch Frame Grabber Board

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