Smart Sensor (2D Measurement Sensor)

2D Laser Profile Measurement System. ZG2 debut! Achieving stable measurement through innovative technology.

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Easier and much more accurate for profile measurement.


Stable measurement regardless of color, material, and shape complexity.

  • Simple configuration.
  • A wide variety of measurement items.


Painted object and black rubber.


Inclined transparent object or glossy object.

  • Assembly inspection of electronic parts.
  • Assembly inspection of lenses.


High-speed takt-time line.

Measurement of wide target.

Measurement by finding the inflection point of the object.

Measurement of position and angle of intersection.

Simplified Sensor Head Adjustment.

Intuitive setting.

Simultaneous measurement of two or more points.

Active Position Compensation Control.


Data Storage and Trend Analysis.

Large Programme Capacity.

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