OMRON ZW-8000 / 7000 / 5000 Series

Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor

Reliable measurements for any material and surface types

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[Controller] Solutions for any in-line measurement application.

For measurement of rattling or inclined “transparent objects or mirror surfaces”.
Ultra-high-precision, high-speed type ZW-8000.

  • High-precision in-line measurement of rattling or inclined shiny, thin, or minute parts.

Measurement of “Coarse surfaces” moving at high speed.
Ultra-high-speed, high-precision type ZW-7000.

  • Ultra high-speed, stable measurement of diffuse reflective objects during movement.


[Sensor head] A wide sensor head offering for diverse integration requirements.

New ultra-small sensor heads make integration more flexible.

Ideal for assembly process.

  • Reduce interference with stages, robots, or structures

Ideal for inspection process.

  • Perfect solution for strict inspection accuracy.


[Usability] Reduce production cycle times through efficient arrangement and movements.

  • Save Time and Money: No need to rotate the sensor.
  • Flexible fiber cable for easy installation.
  • Easy wiring for moving measurements.
  • Extension cables for large machines.
  • Compact fanless controller – Increase throughput: Simultaneous measurements can be achieved using multiple sensor heads.

Further Benefits of White Light Confocal.

  • No discrepancy in the measurement point.
  • Measurement in narrow area and by the wall.


[Usability] Reduce setup and tuning time.

  • Reduced work – EMC measures and thermal design are not required.
  • [Patent pending] Multi-point scaling for stable measurements.
  • No laser safety measures required.


Previously safety measures or laser were required.

  • [Patented] Calibration ROM ensures compatibility and precision.
  • Stable measurement of multi-layer objects possible with advanced function “EdgeTracks” *2 [Patent pending].

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