50mm square, 2 buzzers

The BM is an extremely small design, with two buzzer sounds, that is ideal for installation on control panels or production equipment.

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  • Built-in Alarm with an audible sound of up to 90dB (at 1m*1).
  • Has two selectable alarm sound patterns.
  • Three Types to choose from; Standard (BM), High Volume (BM-H), Drip-proof (BM-D).
  • Body is compact and lightweight (100g).
  • The 24V type is compatible with NPN and PNP inputs.
  • Has the CE mark and conforms to the requirements for the EC directive. (For AC/DC 24V only.)


*1 Model BM-H: 90dB (at 1m); Model BM: 85dB (at 1m); Model BM-D: 80dB (at 1m)ly

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