MP3 Playback Circuit Board

Audio messages can be registered in a maximum of 127 channels on the FV-127JP unit. This is ideal for installation inside various equipment or facilities where audio message assistance is required, and field programming is necessary.

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  • High quality sound and long playback time.
  • MP3 compressed audio file format enables long playback time and high quality sound.
  • Approximately eight minutes worth of audio messages can be stored in the onboard memory.
  • Capable of 240 minutes of message playback when using an SD card as external memory. (MP3 data at standard 64kbit/s rate and 128Mb SD Card)
  • Audio messages can be overwritten and reprogrammed with the Playlist Editor 2 (free download) and optional SD Card.
  • Data stored in the onboard memory can be extracted to the SD Card.
  • 3 sound reduction levels of -10dB, -20dB and -30dB (at 1m) can be controlled by an external signal.
  • Five different playback modes are available.



  • Input delay can be selected (10ms or 50ms) to reduce noise.
  • Extending the delay to input a signal reduces noise.
  • Another noise countermeasure can include setting jumper pins.



  • Terminal block to provide safe and secure wire connections.
  • Selectable speaker output (2W or 4W), AUX and BUSY Output terminals.
  • Operating voltage range is from 19V to 29V DC (Rated Voltage: 24V DC)
  • This product is compliant with the RoHS directive (DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC)

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