Wireless Data Acquisition System Receiver

Connects to a host computer via a LAN or USB to enable wireless communication with WD-Z2 transmitters.

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PATLITE wireless add-on modules and receivers make PATLITE Signal Towers capable of sending electrical signals over a wireless network to a data center. PATLITE wireless add-on modules and receivers are a uniquely practical and economical solution for data acquisition, machine status remote monitoring, and supervisory control of industrial processes. The WD-Z2 is an effective solution for lean manufacturing and a visual factory. PATLITE wireless add-on modules comply with IEEE802.15.4, operating in the 2.4 GHz band.


Simply add-on to a PATLITE Signal Tower

  • Operating conditions of Patlite signal towers installed on production machines or process systems can be transmitted wirelessly to a data center. Data acquisition and remote monitoring are possible instantly and economically through the WDR-Z2 receiver.


Wireless technology of today eliminates tedious wire installation

  • The WDT-Z2 add-on wireless modules tap their power from the PATLITE Signal Towers and transmit their electrical signals to the data center. This can reduce wiring, component installation and other related costs.


Multi-hopping topology and high transmitting reliability

  • With wireless multi-hopping, it minimizes potential transmitting failures or errors, adding a high level of stable operation and transmission reliability.

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