LED Work Light

The newly-designed LED Work Light model CLN outshines is predecessor, the CLM. With a thickness of 22.2mm, a brightness of 820lx, IP ratings of 66G/67G, 69K, two LED Colors of Daylight (6500K), or Warm White (2700K) and mounting flexibility with a flexible angle adjustment of 180 degrees, the CLN can be attached anywhere, even for the food industry.

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The CLN Series was designed especially for the machine tool industry where oil, oil mist, other cutting fluids and debris is constantly present (rated IP66G and IP67G). Its ability to pan and tilt allows operators to point the light where it’s needed most. The aluminum body and tempered glass protect the unit from hot flying debris. The 6500K color temperature (daylight white) allow objects to be seen clearly.

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