118mm LED Revolving Warning Light

Compact LED revolving warning light featuring enhanced illumination with one super bright LED chip and a new dispersing reflection system.

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  • SKHEB series includes an internal alarm (hi-pitched tone) of 90dB (at 1m) that is synchronized with the light operation.
  • Indoors allows upright, inverted, and horizontal installation; outdoors allows upright installation only.
  • Has the CE mark and conforms to the requirements (for 12V, 24V type only) for the EC directive.
  • Compact motor with high durability and energy-efficient characteristics.
  • Energy-efficient by using only 1 LED chip which is super-bright.
  • Dome lens is made of impact and heat resistant polycarbonate resin.
  • Colors available are Red, Amber, Green, and Blue.

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