60mm Smart LED Signal Tower Lights

The first programmable signal tower designed to replace standard stack lights. The 60mm LA6 features 21 colors, 11 alarms, and a field programming interface, all in a single part number.

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  • Indicate abnormal conditions with a variety of color patterns. Can freely set up multiple colors. For example, a serious condi-tion can be indicated with the “All-point Lighting” where the entire signal tower is the same color, thus conveying important information.
  • Use “Operating Modes” to enhance a visual status condition. The downloadable program can be used to make patterns change at set intervals so the signal tower can be used to count time or set a pace.
  • Simple and easy to use complimentary programming software. The downloadable complimentary programming software can be used to easily control which colors are displayed and how they are to behave.

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