AMAX-2240 series is used to increase the number of axes for an AMONet RS-485 distributed motion control network. These extension slave modules connect serially by a simple and affordable Cat.5 LAN cable, reducing the wiring between driver and controller. This is very suitable for highly integrated machine automation applications. Please select cable SCSI-20P and plug this cable into the motor driver and motion slave module.

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  • Max. 20 Mbps transfer rate
  • Max. 6.5 Mhz, 4-Axes pulse output
  • 28 bits counter for incremental encoder
  • 2~4 axes Linear interpolation
  • 2 axes circular interpolation
  • T-curve and S-curve velocity profiles support
  • Change speed on-the-fly
  • Easy installation with RJ45 phone jack and LED diagnostic
  • Easy installation for servo or stepping motor driver
  • Suitable for DIN-rail mounting

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