AI-6821, the very first model of Argox wireless 2D Imager Scanner for light-industry grade, eagle-eye grade reading engine that has enhanced performance on 4 mil labels for small IT-components, jewelry labels and so on. The transmission rate is also 3 times faster than the competitors within its class which it will greatly increase your efficiency and minimize your downtime.

AI-6821 has built in cross-line laser targeting design which allows you to work perfectly under ultra-white light and insufficient light source environment with on demand scanning accuracy. It will greatly reduce the user’s fatigue. AI-6821 is also the “free to use” device that allows the users to extend up to 100m in distance within it’s distance, so it maximizes the flexibility of the users.

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  • Ruggedized: Industrial grade IP65 dust and water resistance with 1.8 meters safe drop distance protection. It will withstand sudden drops and a variety of collision.AI-6821 will remain stable operation whether you use it for the outdoor or dusty environment.
  • Precision & Efficiency: Rapid reading speed.Three times the data transmission speed comparing to other scanners in its class.
  • Excellent performance: Processing up to 4mil resolution barcode readability. Support all type of electronic device, such as mobile phone, tablet and LCD display.
  • Scanning enhancement: Patented Cross-line laser targeting indicator reduce user fatigue and it will improve your efficiency.
  • Data Collection Mode: Support Data Collection Mode for batch scanning (7KB).

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